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Version: 3.0.1

Using Autonomous Selector

Select and Run your Autonomous

With a competition switch, run your code in disable. Select the autonomous on the screen by pressing the left / right buttons until you're on the page you want. Select Autonomous on your competition switch, and set it to Enable to run the autonomous.

Using an SD Card

The SD card will remember the last page you were on before powering the robot off. If you're on page 3 and power off, the next time you power on the selector will start on page 3.

To use an SD card with the brain, just plug it in!

Testing Autonomous in Opcontrol

During opcontrol you can call your autonomous. In the example below, when the robot isn't connected to a competition switch and B is pressed on the controller, the autonomous will run. To select your autonomous, use the left / right buttons on the brain screen until you're on the page you want, then run the autonomous.

void opcontrol() {
// This is preference to what you like to drive on

while (true) {

// PID Tuner
// After you find values that you're happy with, you'll have to set them in auton.cpp
if (!pros::competition::is_connected()) {
// Enable / Disable PID Tuner
if (master.get_digital_new_press(DIGITAL_X))

// Trigger the selected autonomous routine
if (master.get_digital_new_press(DIGITAL_B))

chassis.pid_tuner_iterate(); // Allow PID Tuner to iterate

chassis.opcontrol_tank(); // Tank control
// chassis.opcontrol_arcade_standard(ez::SPLIT); // Standard split arcade
// chassis.opcontrol_arcade_standard(ez::SINGLE); // Standard single arcade
// chassis.opcontrol_arcade_flipped(ez::SPLIT); // Flipped split arcade
// chassis.opcontrol_arcade_flipped(ez::SINGLE); // Flipped single arcade

// . . .
// Put more user control code here!
// . . .

pros::delay(ez::util::DELAY_TIME); // This is used for timer calculations! Keep this ez::util::DELAY_TIME