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Version: 2.x



The pros controller is defined globally in our library as master.

extern pros::Controller master();

Prints to the LLEMU. This function handles text that's too long for a line by finding the last word and starting it on a new line, and takes \n to set a new line.

text input string
line starting line

void print_to_screen(std::string text, int line)

Prints our branding on your terimnal :D.

void print_ez_template();


Returns the sign of the input. Returns 1 if positive, -1 if negative, and 0 if 0.

input value to check the sign of

double sgn(double input);


Checks if input is within range of max and min. If it's out, this returns max or min respectively.

input value to check if it's above/below max/min max biggest input can be min smallest input can be

double clip_num(double input, double max, double min);


Standard delay time for loops in ms.

const int DELAY_TIME = 10;


Boolean that checks if an SD card is installed. True if there is one, false if there isn't.

const bool IS_SD_CARD = pros::usd::is_installed();