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Version: 2.x

Autonomous Selector


Initializes the autonomous selector. If an SD card is plugged in, the current page will set to what's on the SD card.

void initialize();


Sets external buttons to increase/decrease the current autonomous page.

right_limit a button to go forward a page left_limit a button to go backwards a page

void limit_switch_lcd_initialize(pros::adi::DigitalIn* right_limit, pros::adi::DigitalIn* left_limit = nullptr);


Wrapper for pros::lcd::shutdown() found here.

void shutdown();


Adds autonomous routines to the autonomous selector. Uses ez::print_to_screen() to display to the brain.

autons accepts an object of a string and a function

void add_autons(std::vector<Auton> autons);

Prints the current autonomous mode to the screen.

void print_selected_auton();


Decreases the page number. Best used with the lcd callback functions.

void page_down();


Increases the page number. Best used with the lcd callback functions

void page_down();
void page_up();


Runs the current autonomous that's selected.

void call_selected_auton();